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Hi there! I'm Antony. I'm an artist and soon-to-be law graduate, and I've designed several immersive installations involving light, sound and interactivity throughout my time at University. The installation in the background, neon dream, will be exhibited as part of Vivid Light Festival 2021. My experience doing my own installations while studying law mean I have developed a variety of coding, hardware and software skills relevant to immersive and interactive design. Outside of my installation art, I'm also a carpenter, metalworker, composer and semi-professional musician. However, I want to learn more about how experiential installations are created and delivered on a commercial level, and the industry standard softwares and techniques.

With that in mind, I've put together this resume designed to introduce myself and the variety of skills that I can contribute while learning from your experience and expertise. I hope to hear from you soon! 



Mobile: +61 418 690 046

Software Skills

  • Proficient coding in C++ and use of Arduino/related microprocessors, servo motors and hardware sensors.

  • Interactive and immersive lighting design using C++ to control WS2812 and related lighting protocols.

  • Competent coding in MAX/MSP.

  • Proficient use of music composition and recording software esp Logic Pro X.

  • Basic projection mapping skills, esp in Resolume Arena

Hardware Skills

  • Carpentry: Experienced in building of supporting frames, joinery, other structural elements.

  • MetalworkConfident in machining and manipulating metal. (I taught myself how to make chef's knives to stave off isolation boredom)


  • Sound engineering: Experienced in the set up and mixing of large audio productions inc live music. Also proficient in recording live music.


  • Electrical workCompetent electrical work, including soldering, splicing wires, etc. 


  • BA (Music) 2018, Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Bachelor of Laws, scheduled completion in 2020, Sydney University.

  • Academic Achievements:​​​

  • Recipient of the Sybil Morrison Prize for Jurisprudence (awarded to the top of the cohort of 400+).

  •  Recipient of the Julius Stone Prize for Sociological Jurisprudence (awarded in recognition of outstanding legal and academic writing).

  • Graduated high school with an ATAR of 99.85.





Description: An immersive, full body experience. This installation whisks audiences away to an otherworldly environment to question technology's grip on our future. The audience experienced the installation by walking through it and listening to a soundtrack that I composed to accompany the lighting.

Background: Neon Dream was conceived after winning a creative grant from the University of Sydney Union to create a featured installation for USyd's Orientation Week 2019. Neon Dream will now be featured in Vivid Light Festival in Sydney, 2021.

Technical Info

  • Consisted of over 4000 WS2812B LEDs, addressed using an Arduino Mega and custom designed signal multipliers.

  • Lights played in a 15 minute animation cycle coded in C++ 

  • Physical structure consisted of over 130m of PVC pipe, etched by hand to create futuristic light patterns. 


Description: An interactive play-land. Consisting of five trees covered in programmable lights that each react differently to stimuli from the audience, Organism questions our relationship with nature.


Background: Organism was designed as an installation for the University of Sydney's Courtyard Cafe. It was featured in the publications Concrete Playground and Urban List.  


Technical Info

  • 5 trees each covered in 500 LEDs - individual trees were controlled by separate Arduinos.

  • Each tree was equipped with a different sensor, including movement, moisture, light and infra-red.

  • Lights on each tree were programmed in C++ to respond to stimulus detected by the sensors; eg, watering one tree caused the lights on it to progressively turn on, texting a phone number displayed on another tree triggered an animation sequence.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 2.26.52 pm.png

Description: Allowing users to control music with just the movement of their hands, Air for Air is an interactive installation bringing composition to the audience's fingertips.

Background: Initially conceived as a final project during my music degree, I later pitched Air for Air to Electrofringe Festival, where it was installed in October 2017

Air for Air

Air for Air

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Technical Info

  • Consisted of a LEAP hand motion sensor on a music stand; audience could then move their hands around above the sensor which triggered various melodies, instruments and rhythms. 

  • The LEAP sensor was programmed with MAX/MSP, with individual data outputs from the sensor, eg, rotation of palms, openness of fists, etc, mapped to variables that controlled the separate volume of audio files contained in the patch. This allowed audiences to intuitively 'play' Air for Air as an instrument.

Recording Equipment
Electric Wood Saw
Violin and Music Sheet


Over the time I've spent building previous installations and through working in various related fields, I've developed a set of skills which are targeted towards all aspects of creative design and immersive installations. These skills mean I have something to contribute to all kinds of different projects.




  • Mixing live music

  • Operating recording equipment

  • Setting up and operating large scale professional sound systems.  

  • Set up, calibration and operation of surround sound audio systems




  • Sound engineer / microphone technician: Loud and Clear Audio (2017-present). Mixed or contributed to production of 20+ full scale musicals / productions. 

  • Sound engineer: Century Venues (2017-2018) 


My background in music has equipped me with several skills relevant to immersive design, including:

  • Producing ambient / ethereal soundscapes (as I did for my own installations above), as well as my own music outside of installation art.

  • Composing in multi-channel surround sound.

  • I'm also a semi-professional violinist (played for the Sydney Youth Orchestra for 2 years), and a competent guitarist.​



  • Design and construction of customised frameworks and joinery for unconventional projects (eg neon dream). Comfortable with welding and forging steel (eg, knives below left), as well as standard carpentry skills. 

  • Creative use of wood and metal for central elements of artworks (eg, table lamp below left).

  • Fundamental electrical skills, including soldering, prototyping circuits and splicing wires.


Below right is a video demonstrating custom made double-ball joints I built for an installation currently in development, at 1/10th the cost of a commercially available equivalent. Below left is an assortment of things I have built recently that demonstrate my skills. Click on the images for a more detailed description.