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August 2018

MEDIUM: Addressable LEDS, Custom Software, Various Sensors, Trees.

Organism is an interactive installation bringing light and life to Courtyard Restaurant and Bar at the University of Sydney. Consisting of 2500 programmable LEDs installed on 5 trees, Organism is a responsive micro-forest of light. Each tree tells its own story, reacting to the presence of the audience and inviting them to interact in different ways.

It is easy to conceive of the trees and plants that decorate our streets and homes as simply that - unfeeling, immovable permanent monuments which adorn our everyday lives. Organism explores this dichotomy of static monument and organic life by using light to anthropomorphise the seemingly barren, bare branches of the trees inside the Courtyard. Each tree's unique response to interaction explores an aspect of our relationship with our environment, bridging the divide in how we conceive of nature.



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